ROAD TRIP: Chatfield Hollow State Park

In this week's Road Trip, News 12 teams up with naturalist Mark Fowler to learn about Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth.
Chatfield Hollow State Park offers hiking, swimming, fishing and other activities.
Author Marty Podskoch wrote the book "Civilian Conservation Corps Camps of Connecticut." Podskoch says the Civilian Conservation Corps was essential in creating state parks and national parks.
Podskoch says President Franklin Delano Roosevelt saw that there were so many boys unemployed during the Great Depression that he started the CCC.
Chatfield Hollow State Park features the incredible oak lodge built by the CCC in about 1935.
Podskoch says boys joined the CCC and stayed for six months. They were paid a dollar a day with $25 straight home to the family.
Fowler says the CCC planted billions of white pines and native trees in all of Connecticut's state parks.
Chatfield Hollow State Park is also home to Schreeder Pond, which was built by damming up the small stream called Chatfield Hollow Brook.