Rite Aid set to shut down 31 additional stores across the United States - including 2 more in NJ

These closures will impact a dozen states, including New Jersey.

Samantha Marshak

Nov 29, 2023, 10:43 PM

Updated 237 days ago


Rite Aid is shutting down 31 additional stores across the United States, as part of the national drug store chain’s restructuring efforts.
This latest update will affect a dozen states, including California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon and New York.
Two more Rite Aid stores will reportedly be shut down in New Jersey. This is in addition to the 12 stores that were previously announced in October to close.
This comes after the chain announced it was filing for bankruptcy last month. In a release, the CEO said the bankruptcy deal will put the company in a better position to deliver the healthcare products and services its customers rely on.
Over the past six years, Rite Aid has sustained $3 billion in losses. Analysts predict the retailer is likely to close as many as 400 stores as part of its restructuring efforts.
After these closures, Rite Aid will still have about 2,000 stores operating across the country.

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