Residents of Midwood demand change to noisy streets, reckless drivers

Drag racing and noisy illegal mufflers have become commonplace for the residents of Ocean Parkway - and residents say they’ve had enough.
According to some residents that live in the area, drivers along the road have been keeping them up at night and causing havoc in the area.
A video shows just how loud the street can get at night, and neighbors say the loud noises are negatively impacting the quality of life for those who live there.
“Spinning out until 3 o’clock in the morning, 12 o’clock in the morning, then they’ll go to the next intersection and do more donuts,” said resident Oren Levy. “If they do one slip, they’re crashing into a tree or pole.”
News 12 reached out to the NYPD regarding these complaints. Police say they are aware of the problem and are actively looking to fix it, which may involve the highway unit.