Residents brave bitter cold, long lines at Paterson vaccination center

Residents endured extreme cold and long lines as they held out hope for a COVID-19 vaccine at a Paterson vaccination center this morning. 
Some people have been waiting since last night in tents and blankets for their vaccines at a first- come, first-served site outside of International High School.
The high school has already turned away walk-ins and hit capacity before 8:30 a.m. The city received only 700 doses this week, down from the 2,000 it received last week.
"I look at it as like a wartime effort and people are being liberated,” says Mayor Andre Sayegh. “That's the form of liberation, the vaccination."
People at the front of the line say they've waited since 2 a.m. for their shot after being turned away at other locations. They say the wait will be worth it. 
The mayor says the site will reopen by next Wednesday and that he's trying to put together a hybrid first-come, first-served and appointment system running soon.