Rescue crews save ice skater who fell through frozen pond

An ice skater was hospitalized Wednesday after she fell through a frozen pond in Morris County.
Mountain Lakes fire officials say that the woman made it to nearly the middle of the frozen pond on Lake Drive before she fell through.
“She happened to be more in the center of the pond, and the sun beats…that particular area, so that was probably the worst spot to go through,” says Mountain Lakes Fire Lt. Matt DeSantis.
The unidentified woman managed to pull herself back on to the ice before first responders arrived. But the crews had to go out to her to bring her back to the shoreline before hypothermia set in.
“Our members showed up with their suits on, waterproof suits, and they went out on the ice and rescued her, wrapped her, and we pulled her to shore,” DeSantis says.
The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. But only an hour after the rescue and many Mountain Lakes residents were back on the ice skating.
“There’s people everywhere. It’s totally fine,” says Mountain Lakes resident Ina Rose.
“We don’t tell you when or when not to go out there,” DeSantis says. “Hopefully there’s some knowledge, you know where you can and where you shouldn’t skate.”
Firefighters say that ice skaters are advised to stay away from thin ice, skate in pairs and call 911 if someone does fall through the ice.