Report: Parents file lawsuit against Ridgewood school after fight

Parents of a Ridgewood High School student involved in a school fight have filed a lawsuit against school officials, other students and Snapchat, according to published reports.
The Ridgewood Patch reports that the lawsuit claims that school officials violated their own policies regarding bullying and social media.  
The suit stems from an Oct. 28 fight on Brookside Field between a 14-year-old student and a 16-year-old student. One of the students suffered a fractured skull during the fight, according to Patch. The fight happened after school hours.
School and police officials have not released official information about the altercation, but parents have told News 12 New Jersey that the fight started because one of the students was defending a female student who was being bullied. Photos of that female were reportedly shared on Snapchat.
A video of the fight between the two students was also shared on Snapchat. A large group of students were said to have been standing around watching the fight while it happened.
Both students are facing criminal charges related to the fight.
Ridgewood Public Schools Superintendent Daniel Fishbein says that social media helped spread "misinformation and falsehoods" that impeded the investigation.
Fishbein did not comment on the lawsuit since it is now a legal issue.