Report: New Jersey ranked No. 17 in states with most catfishing scams

A new report has found that New Jersey ranks No. 17 in states with the most catfishing scams.
Catfishing is when someone fakes an internet identity in order to scam victims out of money, a relationship or another nefarious reason. The study was conducted by – a company that verifies online identities.
The company used FBI data from 2018 to determine the number of reported victims. According to the report, New Jersey reported 332 victims of catfishing scams in 2018. California ranked No. 1 with 2,105 victims. Vermont had the fewest, at just 25 victims. says that there are certain signs that a person is potentially being catfished. These signs include the potential scammer asking for money, refusing to meet in person or refusing to communicate via video chat.
Catfishing scams have become more common due to the rise of social media – with the FBI issuing several warnings about potential online romance scams. The name of the scam comes from the 2010 documentary “Catfish,” which brought worldwide attention to the issue. MTV later developed a television docu-series based on the original film.