Report: 33 percent of college students feel unprepared for the workforce

A new survey from the student loan refinancing website suggests that about 33 percent of college juniors and seniors feel unprepared to enter the workforce.
“We’re really in a bubble when we’re in the university,” says Rutgers University junior Tejas Ravindra.
The survey, which included students from Rutgers and Princeton universities, found that the students felt that they had not learned enough to confidently begin their careers.
“To go for four years and then ‘boom,’ enter the real world, that makes no sense,” Ravindra says.
Some students told News 12 New Jersey that college may not be good for career prep, but it does prepare them to live as an adult.
“It really gets you ready for life in general,” says Rutgers junior Nicholas Esposito. “Living alone, being able to cook, clean, maintain yourself.”
And the students also said that college gave them new experiences, the chance to meet new people and to make connections.
They said that colleges and universities should offer more advisors for students to help them get prepared.