'Unacceptable and deeply disturbing': Rep. Van Drew calls for federal takeover of Atlantic City Housing Authority over safety concerns

Rep. Jeff Van Drew is calling for a federal takeover of the Atlantic City Housing Authority for what he says is a complete failure to ensure the safety of the residents living there.
Van Drew sent a letter to the Department of Housing and Urban Development requesting the takeover on Monday. He says the authority has failed to provide heat and hot water for residents. And with winter approaching, he says lives depend on the takeover.
"Because of the total lack of leadership by the Atlantic City Housing Authority and its complete inability to do its job, families in the Authority's communities have been left with no heat and no hot water as we approach the height of winter, which will have significant impacts on the health of its residents. This is unacceptable and deeply disturbing that Atlantic City bureaucrats have faced no accountability and no consequences for the terrible condition’s residents are faced with," Van Drew said in a statement.
The statement continued, "We gave the Authority more than enough time to remedy its failures, but it is clear that it does not possess the ability, nor competency, to get the job done. Therefore, the federal government must immediately take over the Authority so residents can have safe and livable conditions."
News 12 has reached out to the Atlantic City Housing Authority for comment.