Religious leaders, elected officials urge message of unity in wake of Jersey City shooting

Elected officials and religious leaders came together for a news conference addressing this week's violence and subsequent tension in the Jersey City community.
The message was loud and clear from those who took the mic Thursday evening -- city leaders and clergy want to work to restore peace.
"It was hate and anger that fueled the carnage here in Jersey City, and for some our grief turns to anger in the hope of coping with this tragedy and the pain," said City Council President Rolando Lavarro. "And so we have assembled here today in the hope of repudiating anger and hate and reaffirming our commitment to each other and to our diversity and inclusive Jersey City."
Rabbi Avi Schnall also spoke, saying the community just went through a crisis that will continue to affect every member of the city. He wants a message of unity to be heard directly from residents.
"This is our community and we need to continue this -- what this looks like has to live on forever, for ourselves, for our children. It's so great, we have school teachers with us, we have principals of schools, this needs to be taught to the next generation," said Schnall.
Moving forward, community leaders plan to meet once a month to have a continuing dialogue about unity.