Rehabilitated sea turtles returned to the ocean

Several sea turtles from Sea Turtle Recovery's sea turtle rehabilitation program returned to the ocean Wednesday after recovering from their injuries.
“Glacier Jr.” and “Shelby” were joined by 250-pound “Tammie.” Hundreds of people came out to watch the turtles return to the sea.
Coast Guard crews found “Tammie” last year in Cape May. She had been hit by a boat and was badly injured. She spent nearly a year being nursed back to health.
“One of the Coast Guard’s main missions for the Mid-Atlantic [region] is living marine resources, but we aren’t typically trained on how to properly recover a sea turtle,” said Petty Officer Christopher Taylor. “We did run into a few challenges, but we were able to do it safely and effectively.”
“Tammie” was outfitted with a monitor so that the officials at Sea Turtle Recovery can see if she stays near New Jersey or moves on.