Redefining boundaries: Rye Arts Center puts emerging Black artists in the spotlight

A distinguished group of artists who are redefining the boundaries of creativity are being featured in Rye during Black History Month.
Splashes of color and confidence await visitors at the "Currents of Creativity" exhibit at The Rye Arts Center.
The exhibit was created to celebrate the compelling perspectives of the group of up-and-coming Black artists who are already captivating the global art scene.
The 20 artists featured may use a wide variety of painting techniques, but their creations have a shared social message that reflect their diverse life experiences.
Nigerian-born painter Joseph Abu creates abstract art with a world view, while abstract painter Barry Mason sees himself as a “composer.” The Mount Vernon man told News 12's Tara Rosenblum that nothing is out-of-bounds in his studio.
Sandra White, of the Bronx, has a passion for portraiture. White was almost 60 when she first picked up a pencil and attempted to draw, proving talent is timeless.
The exhibit, which was organized by Kicki Storm, will run through Feb. 29. On Feb. 10, the Rye Arts Center will also host an artist chat so visitors can speak directly with the featured artists.