Red Bank smoothie shop provides nutritious meals to the community, while honoring health care workers

A New Jersey couple is putting health on the forefront of people’s minds with their business in Red Bank
Irina Popa and Daniel Ardelean opened Goodvibe Nutrition on Front Street in Red Bank this Summer.
“Our vision was to have a place where the community will feel like it’s a place where I’m getting a smoothie …but also, I’m getting to talk to someone, because that’s how we change habits,” Popa says.
The location of the business came down to chance.
“I want to find a penny – a penny on the ground where the place will be,” Popa says.
“We both stopped at the same time across the street. We both looked down and the same time and there were two pennies,” Ardelean says.
The couple turned their knowledge of health into a business that was easy to digest. The smoothies are a complete nutritious meal, with 45 essential minerals and vitamins.
They say that they are grateful to those who helped them succeed and passed that gratitude on to their customers.
“When it’s easy, something they can implement in their in their life and it’s not something complicated, people do it,” Popa says.
The owners say they offer a 15% discount on all drinks and food to health care and essential workers. They also have specials for law enforcement.