‘Recognize you for what you are:’ Marlboro First Aid Squad thanks volunteers with special sign on each lawn

The Marlboro First Aid Squad is thanking its over 60 volunteers for their year-round service during the 46th annual National EMS Week, and a very special sign is now seen on each volunteer’s lawn.
EMS Week is a chance to thank and appreciate the people who volunteer their time to respond to emergency calls.
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In Marlboro, Michele Lewis, captain of the first aid squad, says she not only wanted to thank her volunteers, but also let their neighbors know it's who they are and what they do to keep this community strong.
"So, we came up with lawn signs so that you would know that your neighbor next door is doing something extra to help the community to just recognize you for what you are all year long, 365 days a year on call, 24/7 every week and just a small token of our appreciation as an organization for the service that you provide to the community of Marlboro," says Lewis.
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Marlboro's First Aid Squad is made up of a large number of college students, as well as retirees and everyone in between who all understand the schedule with volunteering, not to mention the difficulties involved, especially during the pandemic.
“This is a job, you just don't get paid for, but they still have the same obligation to provide the service and keep their education up," says Lewis.
The signs will remain in each volunteer’s lawn to at least the end of EMS Week.