Realtor sign washed away by Sandy to return from France

A realtor sign washed away by Superstorm Sandy that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Brielle and landed on the beaches of Bordeaux, France will soon return to New Jersey.
"I was in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago and randomly going up to people asking them if they heard about the sign and they all said ‘oh my God what a story’ and I would say that's me and they would say oh my God oh my God," says Diane.
Hannes Frank, a native of Belgium, found the Diane Turton reality earlier this year.
"Bruce Turton, Diane, and myself will be going over there,” says Perry Beneduce with Diane Turton Realtors. “We're having dinner with them, we're going to the beach, and we're going to film the signage then transferred over to us. We very much protect our signs so we want to bring that home."
The plan is to return the sign to Diane and bring it back to New Jersey on August 15.
“The whole thing is so bizarre,” says Diane. “But the most bizarre thing in is that the man picked it up, brought it back to Brussels, googled me, and found out who it belonged to, cared about it that much, he didn't even know was from the United States."
She says once the sign is back in New Jersey, it will be placed in a Superstorm Sandy-related museum for a short period of time for everyone to see.