Real Deal: Looking to earn more money? Here are industries with the largest wage gains

Here are some businesses that are sure to get you earning more money.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2023, 12:31 PM

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You may be contemplating your next career move. But which industry do you choose? If money is your motivating factor, here are some businesses that are sure to get you more money.
Spas are one industry that will not “flame out” in 2023. Ryan Manville is the owner of Spavia Day Spa in Clark and three other locations. He says clients enjoy being pampered, and employees are raking in the cash. But why?
"I've seen that over the past couple of years. We've seen a tremendous amount of demand from a customer perspective. And because of that, we always try to hire and retain the best people that are out there,” Manville said.
Manville was born and raised in New Jersey. He also has franchises in Bridgewater, Cedar Knolls and Nashville.
The leisure and hospitality sector has the largest wage gains year over year at 7.8%, followed closely by financial activities at 7.3%. Good producing and construction are also strong, with gains of more than 5%.
"Overall private sector employees have seen wage gains of 15% over the last 15 years. But the rate of inflation is 16% for the mid-Atlantic region since 2019," said Caleb Silver of Investopedia.
"AI is one of the buzz words these days. It's going to be a long time before you get an AI massage therapist or aesthetician," Manville said.
If you're looking for a home spa experience at a fraction of the cost, Manville suggests setting the mood with flower petals, soft music and turning the lights down low.
“You can do that too, but I think with a skilled professional within the room, it takes it to another level,” Manville said.
A massage costs between $50 and $100, while a facial can run $80 to $200.

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