Ramapo College associate professor under fire for sharing anti-Israel Facebook post

A Ramapo College of New Jersey associate professor is being called out for sharing a graphic post on social media that some are calling blatantly antisemitic.
Associate Professor Renata Gangemi shared a post on Facebook that depicted a hand with a Jewish star and American flag hacking a Palestinian baby in half. That post is no longer visible.
College officials said that they have launched an investigation into the post. It comes after Rep. Josh Gottheimer and the group Stop Antisemitism called on the college to take action.
“I was alarmed and angered by this antisemitic, anti-Israel post from a Ramapo College of New Jersey professor,” Gottheimer wrote on Twitter.
College officials issued a statement about the situation, stating they acknowledge the public concern on this matter while stressing personal social media profiles of employees and students do not represent the views of the college.
Meanwhile, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke about the rise in antisemitism on both college campuses and in communities across the country.
"I implore every person, every community, every institution to stand with Jewish Americans, not to ignore it, not to shrug your shoulders, to denounce it as antisemitism in all its forms, especially the double standard wielded against the Jewish people for generations to isolate us,” Schumer said.
After his speech, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Schumer and said that he shares his disgust at the alarming rise of antisemitism in the wake of the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel.