Rainfall from Zeta causes some flooding on parts of Long Beach Island

Rainfall from the storm system Zeta caused some flooding on roadways on Long Beach Island.
Officials report over 2 inches of rain fell on the island by Thursday evening, which caused parts of Beach Haven Terrace and Long Beach Boulevard to flood.
The rain tapered off by the evening hours, but wind gusts picked up. In some cases, the wind reached up to 49 mph. It caused street signs and traffic lights to blow around but did not seem to cause any severe damage.
Officials were worried that the wind could cause some power outages in the area. Utility companies around New Jersey were standing at the ready all day on Thursday to respond to potential power outages that may have been caused by the storm.
News 12 New Jersey meteorologists warned that the rain, coupled with high tide, could cause some coastal flooding at the Jersey Shore.
Remnants from Zeta will continue to impact the Garden State into Friday, with more rain and the potential of flooding dangers. Snow could also develop in some areas of New Jersey in higher elevations.
Once Zeta moves past New Jersey, temperatures will drop and icy conditions are possible late Friday night, going into Saturday.