Questions arise regarding where Jersey City councilwoman accused in hit-and-run lives

A Jersey City councilwoman accused in a hit-and-run crash continues to undergo political scrutiny following the incident.

News 12 Staff

Aug 4, 2022, 11:39 PM

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A Jersey City councilwoman accused in a hit-and-run crash continues to undergo political scrutiny following the incident.
There are now questions regarding where Amy DeGise lives and criticism regarding an incident in Hoboken where she appeared to use her elected position to try to get out of a police tow.
“The more that comes out, the more the people of Hudson County and Jersey City see their worst fears are true,” says Hector Oseguera, a progressive activist and former Democratic Congressional candidate.
Councilwoman DeGise lives in an apartment complex in Jersey City that the city’s own affordable housing guide says is only for those who make less than the average resident. DeGise makes nearly $200,000 per year and owns a home in the southern portion of the city.
“A lot of the citizens of Jersey City and in Hudson County see a system that doesn’t apply to them, a system that only works for a certain elite – and that’s the politically connected,” Oseguera says.
DeGise’s camp says that she lived in the apartment while her house encountered renovation problems after she bought it in 2020.
DeGise came under fire after she was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run crash with a cyclist in Jersey City. The cyclist admitted to cycling through a red light but says DeGise did not stop after he was struck. The cyclist was not seriously injured.
Advocates called for DeGise’s resignation during a rally last weekend – including Oseguera.
DeGise has so far refused to step down. Only two members of the Jersey City Council have called on her to resign. Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop has not, and on Monday, neither did Gov. Phil Murphy.
“I’ll leave the politics to the local reality, but that behavior is clearly unacceptable,” Murphy said.
A video surfaced last week of DeGise attempting to stop her SUV from being towed last November after her vehicle’s registration showed it had been expired for two years. She is heard in the video stating that she was endorsed by the PBA in Jersey City and that she was a councilwoman.
That video makes Oseguera believe that as long as the Hudson County Democratic organization is supporting DeGise, she's not going anywhere.
“She could shoot someone on Kennedy Boulevard, and have it recorded, and given the way that the Hudson County machine operates, I would still in that instance say that probably nobody can beat her at the ballot box,” Oseguera says.
DeGise has two public salaries: $105,000 a year from the Hudson County Schools of Technology and $85,000 as a councilwoman.

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