PUMP PATROL: New Jersey average price for gallon of gas close to breaking state record

Gas prices nationwide, and especially in New Jersey, are reaching record highs again, even after efforts by President Joe Biden in early spring to release millions of barrels of crude oil from the strategic reserve.
The average price of a regular gallon of gas is near its record high set in March. It could surpass the record over the next couple days.
AAA says the national average is $4.27, and the New Jersey average is $4.37.
The highest price News 12 New Jersey found Friday afternoon was at an Exxon station on Route 206 in Bedminster, where it was $5.87 for a gallon of regular with cash.
News 12 New Jersey was told this gas station normally has high prices, but drivers who pulled up there to fill up their tanks were still caught off guard.
One customer there paid $78 for 13 gallons
So, is there something wrong or illegal about all these varying prices? An association that represents gas station owners says no. It says that it is not price gouging as long as there's not an emergency, and that gas stations can charge what they want, as long as they clearly post it on signs.
"You're the customer. You determine whether you want to pay it or not," said Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline Convenience Store and Automotive Association. He added that gas station owners also determine prices based on how much they pay for deliveries, which also fluctuates every day.
"It's a crapshoot ordering your delivery of gas," Risalvato said. "The volatility in prices right now is unprecedented."
The New Jersey counties that have the highest prices as of Friday are Somerset and Cape May, with an average of $4.46 and $4.47 respectively.