PUMP PATROL: Gas prices rose again overnight. What does it mean for ride-share drivers?

The average price of a gallon of gas went up overnight in New Jersey and nationally, according to AAA.

News 12 Staff

Mar 9, 2022, 12:47 PM

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The average price of a gallon of gas went up overnight in New Jersey and nationally, according to AAA. In New Jersey, the price went up five cents overnight from $4.27 to $4.33. One week ago, New Jersey residents were paying around $3.65. The national average price of a gallon of gas sits at $4.25.
News 12 asked those who drive for a living if they are feeling the increase.
So, what does that mean for ride-share drivers?
"When the price was lower, I bought a lot,” says Sinclair gas station owner Eddie Arena. “I filled up so that keeps me. I'm able to keep the price is down.”
But with most prices well into the $4 range, Uber and Lyft drivers like Bud McCormick say they're staying close to home.
“I'll be waiting on my porch for the rides. And if I get them, I'll go - but I won't be driving around to the malls or the train stations and everything else wasting gas,” says retired teacher and Uber driver Bud McCormick.
Just as the Jersey Shore enters the busy season, rides could be harder to find.
“The Jersey Shore is hopping with the St Patrick’s Day parades and things, and they need drivers, but the cost of gas is affecting us to go out and search for rides,” says McCormick.
Despite months of prices rising, McCormick says ride-share companies have yet to help people like him absorb the extra cost.
“I'm hoping because there's a lot of business out there that want it, I guess they're waiting to see how far the gas prices are going up. We have not been compensated at all,” says McCormick.
News 12 reached out to Uber for a comment. The company said, “We know higher prices at the pump can be a challenge, which is why we recently launched a new feature that helps drivers save up to 25¢ per gallon through cash back with GetUpSide. Our platform only works if it works for drivers, so we’ll continue to monitor gas prices and listen to drivers over the coming weeks.”

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