PUMP PATROL: Average gas prices at $4.49 per gallon in New Jersey

Gas prices in the country and in New Jersey keep increasing.
The national average is $4.40 per gallon, while the average in New Jersey is $4.49. That is a huge jump from just a week ago when the state average was $4.28.
Drivers in New Jersey are feeling the burden of the increased prices.
“They keep going up and up and up and they’re not going down. It went down maybe about two or three cents and then it went back up. But my thought is I’m gonna have to buy me a bike with training wheels. I’m going to be peddling down the highway,” says Barbara Jenkins of Morristown.
“I’m pretty much driving full-time with Uber and Lyft and it’s just ripping through my finances, and I’m hoping that something changes,” says Kadeen Row of Flanders.