Prioritize your mental health with a subscription to Rootd

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This year has featured several unique stresses that challenge us on a daily basis, so it's never been more vital to focus on the self-care you deserve. As we work toward a light at the of the tunnel, don't lose sight of everyday solutions that can provide peace of mind — today, tomorrow, and moving far beyond life's current circumstances. 
Prioritize your long-term mental health by using the Rootd Anxiety and Meditation App, available now for a 56-percent discount that drops a one-year subscription to only $25.99 (reg. $59). 
This app's therapist-approved exercises and on-demand accessibility allow you to manage anxiety and panic attacks with better results, anytime and anywhere.
Rootd provides relief from potentially debilitating effects that can be triggered when you least expect it and places immediate support in its users' pockets. Considering resources such as counseling are not always readily available, it can become a key step toward achieving your mental health goals.
Whether you're looking to get back on track at work or school, become less dependent on partners, or locate greater inner confidence, this app helps users eliminate feelings of fear and isolation en route to reclaiming the amazing potential in their lives.
Plus, there are several features that make Rootd an all-around answer to your needs, such as a journal that allows you to track moods and habits, breathing tools, forms of active meditation, guided visualizations, soothing nature sounds, and lessons on understanding what causes panic attacks and anxiety. Knowledge can be so empowering, and this app gives you the resources, along with guidance on how short-term adjustments can create a long-lasting impact.
Keep the positive vibes coming no matter what the world throws your way, and take advantage of a 56-percent discount on this innovative anxiety and meditation app.