President Trump supporters gather in Wildwood 2 days before historic rally

Some supports of President Donald Trump are making sure that they are first in line to get in to see him at a historic rally at the Jersey Shore.
Trump’s rally won’t begin until Tuesday evening, but some supporters were down in Wildwood by Sunday afternoon to secure their spot outside the Wildwood Convention Center.
Richard Snowden arrived from Buffalo, New York, to attend his 63rd Trump rally in four years.
“We are here to support a fantastic president that is one of the first candidates in my lifetime who ran for office, made certain pledges, and has lived up to everything that he promised he would do,” Snowden says.
David Neild says that he drove 10 hours up from North Carolina.
“This is a shot in the arm for the economics. This is going to boost all these mom and pop stores. It's just important for this whole community,” he says of Wildwood.
Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron tells News 12 New Jersey that this is the first time any sitting president has come to the town. He says that Wildwood is beyond prepared to handle the tens of thousands of people expected to arrive in town for the rally.
“We have 250,000 people on every given weekend. We have a lot of events, during the course of the summer we bring in 30,000 people. So, this is not unique,” Byron says. “The difference is when having the president here, it brings a different dynamic security-wise.”
Local business owners say that they are excited for a boost in the economy during what is usually the slower winter months. Bannon’s Ocean Café decided to reopen for a few days to get that boost.
“Actually, I think it’s a really good, historical thing for the people here. The children and the parents to bring their kids to see a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Katie Hans with Bannon’s Ocean Café.
Mayor Byron says that the roads are expected to be crowded on Tuesday, so guests should allow for extra time traveling around Wildwood.
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