President Biden returns to New Jersey to break ground on new portal bridge

President Joe Biden will be in New Jersey Monday to promote his Build Back Better Plan and infrastructure deal.
He and Gov. Phil Murphy will break ground on the new portal bridge as part of federal funding for the Gateway transit project.
Murphy announced earlier this month that the New Jersey Transit Board of Directors approved a $1.6 billion contract for the construction of the new portal north bridge. The project is being considered as one of the most important infrastructure projects in the nation because trains running along Amtrak's North-East Corridor cross over it daily.
The 110-year-old bridge, which belongs to Amtrak, is most infamously known to cause traffic nightmares for commuters every time it gets stuck in the open position to let marine traffic by. The new bridge will be 50 feet over the Hackensack River and eliminate having to stop traffic.
Replacing the bridge will be New Jersey Transit's largest project in its history and will be funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, New Jersey Transit and Amtrak. The project is part of the larger Gateway program, which aims to double rail capacity between Newark and New York.
News 12 New Jersey will be covering the visit throughout the day.