Preparing for the upcoming flu season: Ocean County Health Department to host free flu shots

Ocean County has once again seen nearly 100 new cases of coronavirus, and with some schools remote and others remaining fully open, the county has a second task -- preparing for the upcoming flu season.
The Ocean County Health Department will host free flu shots at the RWJ Barnabus Arena at Toms River High School North Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The flu shots are free for Ocean County residents.
Spring Lake Heights district just recently announced they will remain open despite two new COVID-19 cases. The news comes after Lakewood reported a total of 27 cases since reopening. So how does a school determine to stay open?
The New Jersey Department of Health issued guidelines for schools and local health departments to follow. Some schools will take a more cautious approach, while others will try to remain open without putting students or staff at risk.
Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Dan Regenye says his department helps make the decisions with schools, because the state left it up to each district to make that final call. 
“We need to hear the situation because every situation is unique,” says Regenye. “There are tools out there put out by the Department of Health that helps them to guide that decision making and consultation with us.”
For more information on the free flu shots, click here.