Powerful storm uproots trees, knocks out power in Summit

A powerful storm uprooted trees and knocked out power to hundreds in Union County.
Officials in Summit say that a microburst came through the town. 
The Thieck family says that the storm uprooted large trees. Laura Thieck says that the tree came down around 5 p.m. while she was in her home watching television.
"Starting to get windy and I thought ‘OK, something's coming.’ Next thing I know I look out these giant trees are falling down,” she says. “I get up and I run for my life to go downstairs and get to the basement because I thought something was going to land on our house.”
Other residents tell News 12 New Jersey that the storm was intense and moved through the area very quickly.
Nearly 600 people lost power. Town officials said they did not expect the power to be restored until the morning.
Crews are out clearing storm drains in anticipation of flooding Tuesday.