Power & Politics: Migrants in New Jersey; DOJ report says NJ failed veterans in state-run homes

In 2017, Phil Murphy, as a candidate for governor, pledged to make New Jersey a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants. Last week, the governor said New Jersey did not have the resources to house migrant families anywhere in the state.
Alex Zdan spoke with Assembly Member Sadaf Jaffer (D-Princeton) about migrants in New Jersey.
Also, the administration of the Menlo Park and Paramus veterans’ homes failed to provide adequate care and exposed residents to significant harm during the pandemic and even now, according to a Department of Justice report released Thursday. No politician on either side of the aisle was more vocal for those veterans than Republican state Sen. Joe Pennacchio.
This Monday, the secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force accused Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of putting national security at risk by blocking over 300 military promotions. Tuberville says he objects to the military's reimbursing the travel costs of women who head out of state for abortions. Leading the fight against Tuberville is Jersey Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Naval Academy graduate and Navy helicopter pilot.
Finally, the 2021 state's redistricting process redrawing the boundaries of congressional districts was especially contentious – the state's anti-corruption watchdog investigated the integrity of the process. That report was released Wednesday and found no evidence data was improperly manipulated but recommended changes. Chadd Lackey is the executive director of the state Commission of Investigation.