‘Potentially up to 10 cents more a gallon.’ Gas prices at the pump increase again

Gas prices increased again in New Jersey, and around the nation as a whole, despite lower demand as travel restrictions remain in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Analysts expect higher crude oil prices and an increase in crude utilization to help keep prices at the pump higher throughout the month.
"Consumers can expect to continue paying more to fill up this month, potentially up to 10 cents more a gallon, depending on how high crude goes," says Jeanette Casselano McGee, AAA spokesperson. "If demand grows, that will further fuel pump price increases."
On the week, 46 state gas price averages are more expensive with 13 states seeing a nickel or more increase.
Motorists in Florida (+11 cents), Michigan (+11 cents) and West Virginia (+10 cents) saw the largest weekly increases.