Possum patron gets shown the door at Brooklyn bar

So, a possum walks into a bar...wait you heard this one?
Patrons at Temkins in Greenpoint were shocked when a possum wandered into the establishment last Thursday evening.
One person who kept her cool, however, was Alaska native Sara Fulton.  She calmly walked up to the animal and led it out the door.
“It’s just like wild animals are just second nature to me, not really afraid of them, felt comfortable enough,” said Fulton. “I grabbed him like you would a little kitten… took him around the bar and outside and led him on his way.”
Fulton says she's already had people approach her at her job about her calm actions in the face of the wild intruder. Video of the encounter has gained traction on social media platforms. 
Wildlife agencies say you shouldn’t approach a possum in most situations – luckily in this case, nobody was hurt.