NWS confirms EF0 tornado in Mattituck

The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF0 tornado touched down in Mattituck on Sunday night.
The NWS was surveying the damage on Monday before making their determination. They say the twister had winds of between 75-85 mph, was 75 yards wide and lasted around three minutes.
The NWS told News 12 it is important that it surveys the damage before cleanup begins to determine if it was straight line energy or a tornado that created the mess.
The destruction is about 1 mile wide stretching from Love Lane to Sound Avenue. The storm ripped down trees, limbs and power lines throughout the area.
"I heard this horrible crash, and water was pouring in through the ceiling, and there was a big branch lodged in my TV room where a tree had come down and destroyed the roof," says Nancy Burt, of Mattituck.
Sean O'Neil, who lives off of Sound Avenue, says the wind picked up and knocked over a 150-pound cooler filled with ice. He says it also tossed tents, chairs and anything that was not nailed down.
"I was in bed - I heard this rumbling noise - like a forest driving through the street," O'Neil says. "It got me concerned to get up and look around - the rain was coming down, I was like, 'Wow, this is a storm.'"