‘Popeye’ artist combines comic with Springsteen

A Garden State artist celebrated “National New Jersey Day” in a truly Jersey way by combining the music of Bruce Springsteen with a famous comic strip icon.
Frank Caruso, an artist with King Features, has been drawing the “Popeye” comic strip for decades. In celebration of “National New Jersey Day,” the Monroe Township-based artist released a time-lapse video of him sketching Popeye set to Springsteen’s “Paradise by the C.”
Caruso says that Popeye and Springsteen fit together perfectly.
“[Popeye] represents strength and being true to yourself and being who you are. And I think people endear themselves to that,” Caruso says. “The tag that that Jersey has of ‘Jersey Strong’ plays right into Popeye.”
Caruso has released several other time-lapse videos of him drawing Popeye. They have become a hit on social media.
The sketch that Caruso released for National New Jersey Day features Popeye dressed like Springsteen on the famed “Born in the USA” album cover. Popeye is also sporting a New Jersey-shaped tattoo.
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