Pomegranate Restaurant hosts fundraiser event for ‘Ukraine Recovery’ charity

A Monmouth County restaurant put profits aside Sunday with the hopes to raise money for those suffering from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The Pomogranate Restaurant in Englishtown shared its Ukrainian culture with food and music-- all with the goal to raise money for Ukranian relief.
Those who came to the event listened to Ukranian music and tried several different dishes for free. All that was required was a donation.
Anastasiya Levytska, who has family that live in Western Ukraine, said all of the money raised will go directly to helping the Ukranian people and their military.
“Part of it is going to go to the national bank of our army... to supply the soldiers with bulletproof vests with helmets because a lot of them are out there with nothing,” explains Levytska.
The other portion of the money is going to help the country rebuild.
“Part of the money is going to go to corporations that are going to build new buildings for Ukrainians that lost their homes,” says Levytska. “Just rebuilding towns that are completely destroyed right now.”
There was no fundraising goal, but the restaurant said every dollar will make a difference. But just as important as the money raised is the awareness, Levytska said it was also important to raise awareness for what's happening overseas.
"There's just so many people losing their lives that are not supposed to, so many children, so many women, men, even pets. They're just losing their homes, losing their families, their lives, and for what? You know?" Levytska said.