Police: Huntington woman's death in her apartment appears criminal

Police have identified a woman found dead in her Huntington apartment and say that her death was not an accident.
Police say Mareasa Westcott, 47, was found dead Monday afternoon at the Suffolk Hotel, just feet from Main Street.
Jackie Pagano lives in the building and says Westcott hadn't been seen in days before the landlord called police to check on her. She says Westcott moved in just before the pandemic hit last year.
Pagano says Westcott's boyfriend spent almost every night with her.
"They were always arguing and fighting. It got loud, smashing things, breaking things," says Pagano. "Last Wednesday night, late at night, she finally had to call the cops on him."
Suffolk police haven't revealed how Westcott died or if they have a person of interest, but did say her death appears to be criminal.
Some other residents in the area say they've been curious about the building for awhile.
Joanna Negro works just a few doors down.
"It's clearly not well cared for and people live there and a lot of them look vulnerable," she says. "I've always wondered if there's any more the town could be doing."