Police seek suspect in Colonia home burglary caught on camera

Police are seeking the public’s help identifying a man they believe broke into a home in the Colonia section of Woodbridge.
The crime was caught on the homeowner’s Petcube camera. The camera is typically used to monitor the Falcao family’s dog Sosie. But instead, it caught the suspect in action.
The suspect is seen wearing gloves, a backpack, and a red shirt with the slogan “Do me a favor and stop talking,” written on it. He is also seen wearing a New York Rangers beanie hat that belongs to the homeowner.
Sosie was not harmed, but the family says that the suspect made off with some prized possessions.
"My diamond engagement ring, my wedding ring. My mother-in-law’s diamond engagement ring, her wedding ring,” says Melanie Falcao.
The thief also stole two boxes that contained the ashes of the Falcaos' other dogs.
“I had two dogs and both passed on in 2016 and 2017,” Melanie says.
The family says that the thief broke in through a window. Broken glass from the window was on the deck just feet from the motion-sensing light that was knocked out of the wall.
The family says that they believe the man had an accomplice because he is heard on the phone telling another person to come to the driveway. The thief then is seen leaving through the front door.
"We built a home here but it feels strange. It doesn't quite feel like home anymore,” Melanie says.
Police say that the crime occurred Thursday just before 6 p.m. The thief was inside the home for about 14 minutes. The Falcaos came home about 30 minutes after he left.
Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to contact the Woodbridge Police Department.