Police seek homeless man accused of threatening woman

Police are searching for a homeless man who allegedly threatened a woman who was trying to expose his lies to the public.
Police say that Devonte Young, 23, has been standing near the intersection of Route 46 West and Plymouth Street in Fairfield panhandling with his dog since Nov. 22
Young carries a sign that says “Homeless. Puppy Eats First.”
Motorists and good Samaritans have been stopping by to donate food and money to Young and his dog, according to police.
However, it was recently discovered that Young may have been exaggerating his situation and was also seen throwing out some of the dog food donated by people. Fairfield police have confirmed that they have found some of the dog food in nearby dumpsters.
Residents in Fairfield have been working to expose Young and have posted about the situation on social media. At the time, police said that there was nothing that they could do because Young had not broken any laws.
Police say that on Dec. 7, a woman showed up at the location where Young panhandles with a sign that reads “Scam. It’s on Facebook” on one side and “Fraud. Save Your Money” on the other.
Police say that the two started to argue and the woman streamed the confrontation on Facebook Live.
Young allegedly threatened to bring his dog over to where she was standing. The woman told police that she believed it to be a threat due to the size of the dog. Police were called to the scene.
Police say that after reviewing the Facebook Live recording with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, they charged Young with making terroristic threats. When police arrived at the Knights Inn in Montville, where Young resides, he was not there.
Young arranged to turn himself Friday afternoon, but failed to show up.
Anyone with information about Young’s whereabouts or sees him is encouraged to contact the Fairfield Police Department at 973-227-1400.