Police: Man assaulted while trying to stop carjacking near Rutgers New Brunswick campus

An attempted carjacking turned into an assault when two men attacked a driver who tried to stop perpetrators from stealing his car. It happened Sunday night in New Brunswick, according to the police.
Officials say it happened at the intersection of High and Hamilton streets, less than a mile from the Rutgers University campus.
Rutgers police say that the victim is not an employee or a student at the university. Those attending the school and living around the area say they are shocked by the incident.
"Actually, my girlfriend last year, her car got stolen. I know a couple of my teammates whose cars got stolen on campus. This is off campus, this is College Avenue, but on Livingston campus is also crazy,” says student Dana Ridley.
Students tell News 12 they were notified of the incident by campus police via an e-mail.
“Usually, I feel safe. I don't worry about it too much,” says senior Kenan Yhai.
According to authorities, the assault happened around 8:40 p.m. when the two suspects got in the car with the intention of stealing it. The driver tried to get them out of his vehicle. Police say it was then that one of the suspects struck him with a closed fist. The suspects, who were wearing ski masks, then ran away.
Police said the driver was treated for injuries at the scene. 
Anyone who might have information about the crime should call the police at 732-745-5217.