Police issue warning about going into ocean after swimmer drowns in Point Pleasant Beach

Officials are urging residents to stay out of the ocean after a man drowned in Point Pleasant Beach on Wednesday.
Point Pleasant Beach police confirm that the man drowned near Arnold Avenue while swimming at an unguarded Jenkinson's Beach.
They say waves and rip currents from Hurricane Teddy overpowered the swimmer.
Police say officers and Emergency Medical Technicians began life-saving efforts on the unidentified man after he was found face down in the ocean. The victim did not survive.
Another drowning happened the week before in Lavallette. In both scenarios, no lifeguards were on duty.
The storms that took place hundreds of miles off shore also caused massive waves and erosion.
Some beaches did decide to keep lifeguards on duty through the end of the month, but others stuck with the traditional schedule of ending lifeguard service following the Labor Day holiday.
Police say even calm water can be deceptive, and while the waters remain warm it's safe to stay out of the water.