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Police: Hackensack man accused of holding ex-girlfriend against her will

Devin Nickens faces second-degree kidnapping charges.

Matt Trapani

Jul 31, 2023, 9:23 PM

Updated 327 days ago


A Hackensack man is accused of holding his ex-girlfriend against her will, according to police.
Lodi police say that the victim’s father called the police Sunday morning to report a possible kidnapping. Police say the father told them that his daughter left with Devin Nickens, her former boyfriend.
While police were taking a statement from the father, authorities say the daughter called her father to say that Nickens allegedly assaulted her, but she was able to get away. The daughter was with Hasbrouck Heights police officers at the time.
Lodi police say that Nickens held his ex against her will, but she was able to get away. Nickens was eventually arrested in East Rutherford.
Lodi police charged Nickens with second-degree kidnapping. He could face other charges related to the case.

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