Police arrest organizer of police brutality protest in Asbury Park after scuffle

Police have arrested the organizer of a protest against the killing of a Black man by police after a scuffle in Asbury Park.
The protest was related to the death of Hasani Best in August. A police officer shot and killed Best in August after a standoff inside a home on Fourth Avenue. Police say that Best was holding a knife at the time and threatened to stab officers.
Best’s family was at the protest Wednesday night. They are planning on filing a civil lawsuit against Asbury Park and the officer who opened fire. They are alleging a wrongful killing.
“We demand the attorney general's office, pursuant to the law, put the facts before a grand jury. That is a requirement. And when the attorney general puts before a grand jury a video, pictures of the truth, it is clear that this killing was unjustified,” says family attorney Scott Ryneck. “This killing never should have happened. And this police officer has committed criminal acts causing this death. We want this police officer charged, arrested and sent to jail."
The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General is investigating the circumstances of this shooting.