Police arrest 6 suspected members of meth operation

Bayonne police say they have arrested six suspected members of a crystal meth operation.
Authorities raided a home Wednesday at 78 JFK Blvd. in connection with the drug investigation. They say the operation is one of the largest in northern New Jersey. During the raid, authorities say they seized $5,000 worth of drugs and more than $341,000 in cash. Authorities are calling it the largest cash seizure in Bayonne?s history.
The investigation began more than a year ago with a lead from the DEA. Among those arrested are the alleged ringleaders of the operation, 57-year-old Marie Cuneta and 46-year-old Arlon Macatangay. Investigators say the two are in the U.S. illegally from the Philippines. The four other men arrested are also Filipino. Investigators say the home raided was considered a safe house for the cash. According to police, they are still searching for another home where the drugs may have been kept and possibly a lab where the drugs were made.