Philipse Manor Hall re-opens with exhibit to honor the late Yonkers rapper DMX

The grand re-opening of Philipse Manor Hall will feature an art exhibit to honor the late Yonkers rapper DMX, a year after his death.
Philipse Manor Hall will be the first to feature never-before-seen images of DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons. The images will show the places he visited and the millions of people he touched.
"I got to see firsthand the compassion he had for our children," says Nepperhan Community Center executive director Jim Bostic. "He was also a humanitarian and he cared deeply for the plight of young people."
Bostic got to know DMX through the huge Thanksgiving dinners he sponsored for kids in need.
It will be the first time the Manor features popular history.
"It's great that it's him. It's great that it's an African American given the history of Philipse Manor and our city," says Bostic.
The exhibit will explore DMX's triumphs and struggles, from childhood in Yonkers public housing, to his tragic end from a cocaine-fueled heart attack.
It will use multiple mediums to show the rapper through the eyes of those who knew him.
The exhibit opens in September as a partnership between the manor, the Yonkers Housing Authority and Yonkers Arts.
There is no ticket information available yet.