Petition looks to changes names of 2 Clifton schools named after Columbus, Wilson

Former students of the Clifton school district are looking to change the names of two schools – one named after Christopher Columbus and the other after former New Jersey governor and President Woodrow Wilson.
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A petition was created and reads, "Naming the schools by these racists paints them in a good light, and makes them out to be heroes in a town that celebrates diversity."
Angelica Rosario, a recent Clifton High School graduate, who now attends Montclair State University, started the petition after being inspired by the anti-racism protests in recent weeks.
“It’s more for future students, upcoming students who are in those schools to teach them you don’t have to honor people who got to where they were at the expense of other people," says Rosario.
Rosario also started a group called Clifton Waves, which was made up of other recent high school graduates.
In addition to the name changes, they hope to get more people of color involved in city politics, on council and the board of education.
They also want to encourage more young people to vote.