Paying more at the pump: New Jersey drivers digging deep into their pockets to fuel their cars

Drivers are still having to dig deeper into their pockets just to fuel their cars, saying the pain at the pump is making them rethink their other expenses.
"Makes me want to find a job up there so it could save me some gas,” says Cynthia Williams, of Brick.
It would save Williams the 60-mile commute both ways between Brick Township and Newark. Gas prices are rising, but her hard earned pay is still the same.
"It used to be $20,” says Williams. “There and back. Now it's $40."
Charlie makes the commute from Brick too. They found the cheapest gas they could at $3.49 in Cranford, below the state average at $3.61, according to AAA, which is higher than the national average at $3.53.
"I don't buy those extra pair of pants, I can't go out to dinner a lot of times, it's like 'Oh, I got to save up for gas,' so I make sure I cook at home,” says Williams. “I got to slim down on a lot of stuff just to go to work and put gas in my car."
Last year, gas was about a dollar less at around $2.50 to $2.75.