Paying more at the pump: Here why AAA says the problem is twofold

Prices at the pump are on the rise across New Jersey, and there seems to be no signs of slowing down.
According to AAA, Somerset County has some of the highest gas prices in the entire state. News 12 has seen an average of $3.60 for regular gas, and prices keep ticking up. Drivers say they need a break.
"Well, it's been really difficult,” says Sandra Gogerty, of Basking Ridge. “I'm back to work five days a week - I'm a public employee - so it definitely is affecting me because when I fill up, I get upset."
Just last month, AAA says the average price of a regular gallon of gas in New Jersey was 30 cents cheaper.
"My car, I would’ve filled it up with $30 and now I have to put almost $45 to fill up my car and it’s a four cylinder car,” says Cesar Romero, of North Plainfield.
What's driving up prices? AAA says the problem is two-fold. The bone-chilling winter weather has pumped up demand for heating oil, and tension between Russia and Ukraine is also causing the cost of gas to soar.
"All these political issues that are coming up are definitely affecting the average worker like myself who has to get to work,” says Gogerty.
The state has seen gas prices even higher than this. Back in July of 2008, for a regular gallon of gas --it was $3.99.