'Patriot, God and Country Tour' display brings messages of positivity to Union Beach

A charity group put on a patriotic display of unity over the weekend in Monmouth County.
People at the waterfront in Union Beach could see several fire trucks and other vehicles wrapped in messages.
It's part of the "Patriot, God and Country Tour" based in Arizona.
The group supports cancer survivors and those who've lost loved ones to the disease.
"The tour is all about unity, and one thing that we as Union beachers, we are as unified as a community here. We've been through a lot here with Sandy, and over the years, it's really shown that this community comes back from adversity," says Robert LaBerta, national president and founder of the Knights and Inferno Firefighter Military Motorcycle Club.
People can leave a note on the trucks in honor of a veteran or first responder, or just leave a positive message.