Parts of Garden State await snowfall as they recover from flooding

After coping with several inches of rain in recent storms, areas of New Jersey are bracing for a few inches of snowfall heading into Tuesday.
One of those areas is Paterson, New Jersey, which dealt with severe flooding just last week from the Passaic River.
Specifically, River Street at Montgomery Street still has high water. The road remains covered in two feet of water which may potentially freeze as temperatures drop.
One of those living along River Street is Neil Ghazaii who was leaving his apartment building in hip-waders.
Since last Wednesday he’s been putting on those waders every day to get in and out of his home.
He was not aware that we we’re getting another round of wet weather.
Ghazaii told News 12, “Ya know you trudge through it you go to work you go about your day. “I was also nervous that it would freeze over when it was a couple of feet higher and then we would really be stuck in there. It’s really been a nuisance. I mean the Passaic River doesn’t smell the greatest either.”
His apartment building is still surrounded by water although a significant amount had receded over the weekend.
Meanwhile, along busy Market Street in Paterson, businesses are still open and people are bundled up against the frigid temperatures.
Many tell News 12 they are just watching and waiting to see when the snow starts to fall.