Part of brick façade collapses at Hawthorne High School

Part of Hawthorne High School’s brick façade collapsed on Tuesday afternoon and fell two stories into the parking lot below.
Police tell News 12 that three vehicles sustained minor damage. No injuries were reported. The Hawthorne Fire Department secured the building and school was able to get back into session.
Neighbor Donna Grofsick was at the scene as the fire department cleared the fallen section of the façade.
She told News 12 that the area is usually busy and said it is fortunate that no one was standing near the area when the bricks came down.
"We had a girls soccer game going on. We had boys football practice. After the soccer game was cheer practice. Kids come and go, kids hang out right here on this corner,” said Grofsick.
The cornerstone on the school building says 1960, and some neighbors say that water may have built up from heavy rain. However, there is currently no official confirmation on what caused the collapse.