Parents will be allowed to attend Rutgers basketball game for the first time this season

After a season with no fans, the Rutgers men’s basketball team will get one opportunity to play at home in front of their family – and it comes on senior night against Indiana.
Gov. Phil Murphy announced this week that parents and guardians will be able to attend collegiate sporting events in New Jersey, allowing parents to attend the game at the Rutgers Athletic Center on Wednesday night. It will be the first and only time the team will have this opportunity this season.
The players say that they are excited to have their loved ones watch them play.
“It’s a blessing just to have them back around. I haven’t seen my parents in like seven months,” says senior guard Jacob Young. “It’s been good now that they get to come tomorrow and that’s what I’m so excited about.”
“I know my parents will be there. I’ll tell them to bring some energy too” says senior forward Luke Nathan. “We’ll take anything we can get.”
The announcement comes just in time for the team’s home finale.
“I want to thank the governor for allowing two people. The seniors can have two family members at the game. They won’t be allowed on the court with them, but they’ll be able to watch from the stands,” says head coach Steve Pikiell.
Pikiell says six seniors will be honored, including Geo Baker, Jacob Young and Myles Johnson. He credits this class with helping to turn the program around.
“Having winning seasons, to playing in front of nobody, and then playing in front of sold out crowds, and now the pandemic and social injustice and all the different things - these guys have had a full four years,” Pikiell says.
The team has three games left in the regular season before the Big 10 tournament tips off next month. The program has had no COVID-19 pauses all year and despite the hardships of quarantine, players say that it is basketball that has brought them through.
“It’s definitely worth it. We love the game. We love to win. We love to compete and that’s what we’ve been doing and we’re going to continue to do that,” says senior guard Geo Baker.
The Scarlet Knights will play against Indiana Wednesday at 8 p.m.