Parents, students rally to call for the reopening of schools in Maplewood

Parents and students in Maplewood rallied Monday outside town hall, calling for the reopening of schools.
Demonstrators chanted "open our schools" as parents called for a long-term solution for getting their kids back into the classroom.
One parent says a solution isn't easy, and the district and teacher's union are reportedly arguing. There is a mediation planned to come up with a solution.
"We're very hopeful that the outcome of that mediation is a long-term lasting solution for children," says Kelly Piccola, of SOMA for Safe Return to School. "I don't want anybody's safety to be put at risk. I want everyone to come to a resolution that we can all agree upon to get our children back in the classroom. And to make our children's voices heard."
According to the district's website, the district was "forced to resume virtual-only instruction indefinitely."